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glite-ce-proxy-renew - Renews delegations, and therefore renews the proxy of the jobs previously submitted to CREAM based CEs using these delegations.



glite-ce-proxy-renew --endpoint <endpoint> [options] <delId1> <delId2> ... <delIdn>



The command glite-ce-proxy-renew renews delegations (previously done explicitly with the command glite-ce-delegate-proxy or using the automatic delegation in the job submission process). For all jobs using these delegations, the proxy will be therefore renewed.

This is necessary if the proxy associated to a job is expiring (this can be checked using the glite-ce-job-status command: the attribute to be checked is DelegProxyInfo).

glite-ce-proxy-renew can renew one or more delegations. The delegation identifier associated to a specific job can be found using the glite-ce-job-status command: the attribute to be checked is Deleg Proxy ID. So, when the proxy has been explicitly delegated, the delegation identifier is the one specified as argument of the glite-ce-delegate-proxy command.

The option --endpoint (-e) is mandatory.

The proxy file considered by this command (that is the "fresh" proxy to be sent to the remote CREAM service) is:

o the one pointed by the environment variable X509_USER_PROXY;

o the file /tmp/x509up_u<uid>, if the environment variable X509_USER_PROXY is undefined.

If the specified delegationId doesn't exist, an error message is printed.



--help, -h
Displays command usage.

--conf file_name, -c file_name
Specifies the user specific configuration file.

--endpoint host[:port], -e host[:port]
Selects the endpoint of the CREAM CE to send the proxy renewal request to. If the port is not specified, the port to be used is the one specified in the CREAM UI configuration file. The endpoint must have the format <host>:<port> or <host>. This option is mandatory.

--donot-verify-ac-sign, -A
Allows the execution of the command even if the VO voms server certificate is not installed.

--nomsg, -n
When this option is specified, any warning or info message is suppressed.

--debug, -d
When this option is specified, debugging information is displayed on the standard output and written also into the file glite-ce-proxy-renew_CREAM_<username>_<date>_<time>.log file under (by default) the /tmp/glite_cream_cli_logs} directory.

--logfile file_name, -l file_name
When this option is specified, a command log file (whose pathname is file_name) is created.

--version, -v
Displays the version of the CREAM CLI software.



glite-ce-proxy-renew exits with a value of 0 if the proxy renewal request operation succeeds, >0 if errors occurred.



> glite-ce-job-status -L 2 | grep ``Deleg Proxy ID''

        Deleg Proxy ID = [mydelid]

> glite-ce-proxy-renew -e mydelid

2008-01-28 13:35:22,699 NOTICE - Proxy with delegation id [mydelid] succesfully renewed to endpoint []

A NAME="lbAH"> 


glite-ce-job-submit, glite-ce-job-status




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