The EMIR configuration for CREAM

The EMIR-SERP allows CREAM to publish all its relevant information already available in the local resource BDII to a specified EMI Registry (EMIR) DSR.

The configuration can be explained by simple steps:

  • check if the resource BDII is up and running by executing
    ldapsearch -x -h localhost -p 2170 -b 'GLUE2GroupID=resource,o=glue' objectCLass=GLUE2Service
    the command should list the CREAM service(s) installed on the machine. If this is not the case, please check the CREAM configuration
  • install the emir-serp
    sudo yum install emir-serp
  • edit the configuration file /etc/emi/emir-serp/emir-serp.ini, providing the URL for the EMIR DSR and the URL for the resource BDII
    url =
    resource_bdii_url = ldap://localhost:2170/GLUE2GroupID=resource,o=glue
  • you can change the update interval
    # Period of registration/update messages
    # Mandatory configuration parameter
    # Value is given in hours
    period = 1
  • and the time EMIR will be told to consider the information valid
    # Time of registration entry validity
    # Mandatory configuration parameter
    # Value is given in hours
    validity = 2
  • you might want to set the logging level to debug the first time you start the service
    verbosity = debug
  • start the service
    sudo service emir-serp start
  • check the log file for an entry like
    2013-01-09 12:49:22,359 DEBUG EMIR service on url '' is running since Mon Nov 26 14:09:35 CET 2012
    2013-01-09 12:49:22,359 DEBUG Daemon starting...
    2013-01-09 12:49:22,373 DEBUG Daemon started
    2013-01-09 12:49:22,373 DEBUG Registering service entries
    2013-01-09 12:49:22,374 DEBUG Retrieving data from ldap://localhost:2170/GLUE2GroupID=resource,o=glue
    2013-01-09 12:49:22,394 DEBUG REGISTRATION: Endpoint ID: cream-27.pd.infn.it_org.glite.ce.CREAM; URL:
    2013-01-09 12:49:22,394 DEBUG REGISTRATION: Endpoint ID: cream-27.pd.infn.it_ComputingElement_org.glite.ce.ApplicationPublisher_1068561884; URL: gsi
    It is recommended to set back the logging level to error and restart the service.
  • stopping emier-serp will cause the entry to be deleted from the registry.

-- LisaZangrando - 2013-01-09

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